Improving the standards of coaching for Personal trainers and gym owners who want more clarity, confidence & direction with your clients and fitness business


The PTMA is owned and founded by Nik Hanley (read more about Nik) and Anthony Park (read more about Ant)

Both have built a huge amount of experience within the industry over the past 20 years, delivering thousands of personal training sessions to general population and athletes. Both have owned and managed gym facilities around the world to now delivering courses, seminars and mentoring to over 10,000 Personal trainers.



“Probably in my 10 years of coaching the best thing ive ever done is take on a mentor. And these two are the dogs bullocks.”


“There was always an element of care.” I get an unparalleled support from both of them. Their weekly calls give me the same support as I give my clients. They taken me from feeling overwhelmed, overworked, and unsure about the future of my business, to feeling confident about my business. Most importantly I know they care about me and my business.”


“They often told me they want to coach me out of their business, which is exactly what they did. If you’re wanting to make a career in the fitness industry, you’ve got to work with these guys.”


“Above all else, the core of what I believe in is coaching people to get themselves into better positions, both in business and in life. By creating the PTMA with Ant, this is what we have done to enable us to help as many people as we can thrive in the industry the right way.”


“I love nothing more than now guiding that PT who feels a bit lost, overwhelmed but hungry as fuck to make their business work for them and the people around them.”


PT Business Transformation

The PT Business transformation (PTBT) has been built to fast track a major improvement in your service, systems, and sales.

The 12-week MENTORSHIP is designed to help you focus on the core areas of your business each PT needs to have in place allowing you to concentrate on your delivery of client results and therefore increasing your rate of retention and referrals.

What takes most PTs years to put together (if they are able survive within the industry) you will have completed in just 3 months with direct accountability to make sure it gets done.

By the end of the 12 weeks’, you will go away with

  • A full marketing plan to bring in consistent leads
  • An onboarding system that can be automated helping you bring the right clients in for you
  • A full social media strategy to help you gain more engagement, followers and sales
  • A client video education area to help with retention
  • A complete client journey to give you clarity and direction
  • A full structure to the back-office side of your business
  • An understanding of how to budget, forecast and plan to grow your business
  • Systems to help you track the performance of your business
  • A stronger understanding of how to get better more consistent results for your clients
  • A business Dashboard to help manage all areas helping you improve time and client management

Hear what some of our coaches have said

1:1 Business Coaching

Our 1:1 Business coaching is completely lead by your values, beliefs, wants and needs.
We take your vision for the business and help you to build out a strategy to get to that exact point, guiding you to be completely accountable to yourself along the way.
Whether you’re fairly new to personal training or an experienced private gym owner, we take our experience and knowledge combine it with your drive and ambition and create the business you have always wanted to build

What’s involved?

  • Weekly Business coaching call
  • Full Business management dashboard
  • Tailored action plan
  • Weekly check in
  • Monthly review
  • Access to all parts of our group program including webinar and resource area

Hear what some of our coaches have said


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