6 Week Group PT Business Transformation

This program has come about from the huge demand we have had on our 1:1 PT Mentor program.

The program will enable you to ​

  • Understand the audience you are trying to attract and be confident in trying to sell to them
  • Build a bulletproof automated onboarding process into your business across multiple different products
  • Improve the accountability, adherence, motivation and behaviours of your clients to improve the level of results you achieve
  • Help track all of the boring business metrics you need to understand and measure to establish a successful business
  • Work in the hours you want to work earning the same or more for the time invested
  • Build packages and services to establish the consistent wage so many PTs struggle to achieve ​
  • But most of all giving you the confidence, clarity and value you may have always struggled with throughout your time as a PT ​

Our non-negotiables

  • Be 100% committed to the program
  • Have a growth mindset
  • Be a strong action taker
  • You must be able to dedicate at least 6 hours per week to work ON and IN your business to be able to move it forward
  • Understand the audience you are trying to attract and be confident in trying to sell to them

Ready to run a successful business?

Not feel burnt out?

wondering where your next client is coming from?

and to gain clarity on your future?


£ 399

What is the
PT Mentor Academy?

As Nik points out in the video with over 30+ years combined as Personal Trainers we have experienced your struggles first hand.

The challenges you have with marketing, time management or just having the confidence in yourselves at times that you are delivering the right service for the right people so you can get results for every client.

Over the past 5 years we have worked with over 4000 Personal Trainers in a mix of commercial gyms and private facilities to build and sustain successful businesses.

Whilst we have worked with a vast amount of people as Coach’s from the new gym member to high level athletes we seen the easy transition to do the same with Personal trainers using the experience we have gained to coach them at different levels and stages of their careers.

We are not your usual 6 figure type mentors who just drive unauthentic sales systems at you, we are here to help you in every single area of your business for that to give you confidence in yourselves, your businesses and for that to give you and your families the lifestyles you want to lead.

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